A Walk Through Jerusalem

For our Palestine Coin Capsule, we walk through Jerusalem with photographer Omri Massarwe who shares his experience of growing up in the holy city.  

My upbringing in Jerusalem was quite the experience.

I truly believe growing up in such a place can you an adult faster, you get to experience all sorts of things; cultures, religions, diversity, races, even hatred, and racism.

All these things would impact your growth heavily.

I consider myself a visual storyteller; I like to document the things that go on around me and chase different perspectives on life and points of view.

Luckily, living in Jerusalem, I can never run out of that.

Being a Muslim, getting the opportunity to collaborate with a brand such as 5ivePillars was something on my bucket list, It's a brand that is representing my religion in the most beautiful way imaginable. From the packaging to even the shirts and how they're designed, so knowing that they've made a collection specifically for Palestine, I knew I had to get on a project with them.

The Old City has so much history to be revealed, it only needs a good way to present it, and Inshallah that's one of my main goals to be set, to share the history and welcome people to Jerusalem and make them get excited about it.

During these uncertain times, the City has gotten a lot quieter, which is something unusual to see in such a city.

This had halted my productivity, but it made me focus more on myself, mentally, and on the people around me.

Being a workaholic, it made me appreciate the time I spend with my family and friends more and more.